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The HCG Diet Program website and the links cited are only meant to educate and inform as well as to provide information about our products and services. Always seek the advice of a licensed physician or another professional health practitioner. The content of this website is not intended to form a diagnosis of any person’s health condition or offer medical advice. The website is not a substitute for professional guidance in the management of any condition. For your individual health concerns such as symptoms, health diseases, or usage of any product, never rely on the content of this website and instead, get professional counsel. Never delay in getting medical advice from a qualified health practitioner because of information taken from this website. Tests are prescribed directly by our doctors and staff. The results are also reviewed and confirmed by them. We conduct physical exams, confer with distinguished physicians, and verify information for accuracy. Those who have a medical or health problem are sent to a specialist to be diagnosed and treated accordingly.

HCG Diet Program has retained the right to make referrals and hire medical specialists for patients. We cite HIPAA laws in protecting all patient information.

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HCG Diet Program acknowledges that several of the treatments and procedures to come to a diagnosis have not gotten regulatory approval from the US Food and Drug Administration or other government agencies.

There is no scientific proof, recognized by the FDA, yet that HCG can be used as adjunctive treatment for obesity. The FDA states evidence has not been significant enough to conclude that it can lead to more weight loss except that of decreasing calories, resulting to a typical fat distribution, or that it lowers the hunger linked to diets with low calories.

We consider our services to be under the umbrella of complementary and integrative medicine. It is sometimes dubbed as holistic or alternative treatment. However, alternative treatments have increasingly become accepted in conventional practice. All of the weight loss patients of the HCG Diet Program have to be subjected to a thorough assessment by physicians. These include the taking of blood for diagnosis, a complete physical examination, the recording of medical history, and supervision during the entire length of the program.

Disclaimer of Warranties

No guarantees or warranties are issued by the HCG Diet Program website, any of its links, and its affiliates, whether stated directly or implied. The HCG Diet Program will not be held liable under any circumstances as a result of damages from using the website as permitted by law to the fullest extent. The users agree that the HCG Diet Program website, its affiliates, employees and agents are held harmless and are indemnified from any liability or costs because of their use of the website. They also are not responsible for the users’ failure to correctly use information found in the website.

The HCG Diet Program website does not provide medical advice and those who plan to begin a hormone replacement therapy treatment have to consult a healthcare practitioner. Only patients 18 years old are treated and only after undergoing a physical examination and comprehensive diagnostic blood work, and after a complete medical history was taken. They would also have to be continuously monitored by a physician.

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