About The HCG Advanced Weight Loss System

Hey there,

You're probably wondering what we are all about. You're also probably wondering why you should listen to us of all people.

Our weight loss services and programs reflects something important that I'd like to share with you.

Our passion is to show you how to lose weight while eating delicious foods and living a normal life without very restrictive diets or feeling like your starving yourself.

All of our weight loss consultants have a special set of qualities that emanate from training and education, experiencing personal weight loss struggles of their own, and an inner passion to help others succeed at losing weight.

Your personal consultant is experienced in helping people like you lose and manage your weight successfully. We aren't just here if you have a question or ever get off track. We've been delivering the encouragement, guidance and motivation that leads to long term success. In each and every one-on-one meeting, you learn the skills you need to succeed at losing weight and keeping it off. Also, becoming healthier in the process.

The Advanced HCG Diet is the embodiment of the most current science based weight loss techniques. We are about getting you to your goal and providing you with a variety of tools, so you succeed.

Our unique program was created and founded my doctors, nutritionist, and weight loss professionals. We provide insights and discoveries distilled from hundreds of hours of consulting, research, training, and education with men and women from all backgrounds. We provide information ranging from goal setting, stress management to food preparation, and lifelong weight management.

We refined a unique method of focusing on only the most potent keys to personal transformation and weight loss success. We have so many word of mouth referrals that we had to start a waiting list.

And that's the story of how The Advanced HCG Diet Clinic came to be. It is a work of love. I hope it will become a memorable part of your weight loss journey.

Robert Galarowicz N.D.
Co-Founder & Director
The Weight Loss Specialist, Advanced HCG Diet Clinic,
How To Lose Weight Programs

P.S. - I look forward to welcoming you. Please feel free to take advantage of all the information available here, and make sure to sign up for a free metabolic weight loss assessment!

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